• Top 3 2019 hair clippers

    So, what kind of professional hair clippers do you need? Our ranking of the best in 2019 will help with the selection.

    MOSER 1884-0050 Li + Pro: semi-pro
    This rather expensive hair clipper can work autonomously or from the network. At the same time, thanks to the rotary engine, it is powerful enough and fast (5200 rpm). The length of the hairstyle varies in the range from 0.7 to 25 mm, the number of length settings is 11, and the nozzles at the machine is 6. Thus, the master has a rather multifunctional tool for haircuts in his hands.

    Panasonic ER-GP80: continuous innovation

    This machine for cutting, according to the assurances of the manufacturer, is also designed for professional use: it is powerful, long-playing (50 minutes of autonomous work) and can work autonomously or from the network. At the same time, as the leader of the rating, it is equipped with a docking station. The length of the haircut is adjusted by the regulator and the change of nozzles, which provides the master with the whole range of possibilities. Interestingly, in this device, the manufacturing company embodied two whole innovations: the special motion of the knives and the engine itself, called “linear”.

    WAHL 8081-016: timeless classics
    Excellent professional American clipper WAHL 8081-016 is in a lower price segment, which does not mean a drop in quality. As already mentioned, these machines are equipped with vibration engines, and in addition, these devices work only on the network. However, the length of the cord here is quite decent - 2.4 meters, and the motor speed is 5000 rpm. Pleases the variability of the length of the haircut (from 0.4 to 45 mm), it can change the change of nozzles and length settings - there are 4 of them.

    Andis D-8: thin, light, fast
    For those who prefer autonomy, the Andis D-8 was created. In fact, it is a trimmer with a narrow shaving head, however, it is quite possible to shave or shave the temples with this device. The battery life is 2 hours, the engine speed is 6000 rpm, the shearing length is up to 1.5 to 10 mm.

    MOSER 1565-0078 Genio: ideal for hipsters
    The machine is a mixed type of power and quite professional ambitions, MOSER 1565-0078 Genio is equipped with a rotary engine, it works very quickly, very easy. However, you cannot call it universal, rather it’s a trimmer that pretends to be a clipper: there are only two tips here, and the length of the hairstyle varies from 0.7 to 12 mm.



    In the eyes of pilots: inaccurate approach

    Below there will be a video from the cabin, but at first a small educational program for those interested.

    Approaches are accurate and inaccurate . And it's not about how the final result of landing was - whether the pilot hit the lane or not - the difference is due to the equipment used for pointing the aircraft on the runway - the runway. If the equipment used for approaching a specific runway makes it possible to control the process of reducing the aircraft on a glide path - preplant straight line (that is, to determine deviations "above" / "below"), then this approach is considered "accurate". If the guidance in the vertical plane is not - then "inaccurate."

    That’s all.

    Although not "only". Already by the definition of "accurate / inaccurate" it can be understood that the position of the aircraft in space is determined with different accuracy. Therefore, it is obvious that when performing precision approaches - for example, on the course-glide path system ILS - in bad weather conditions (in the fog, say), the pilot has the right to descend lower and closer to the runway than when entering along the lonely side strip radio. The HUD, an instrumental landing system, makes it possible to determine with great precision the deviations of the aircraft along the course and the final approach on the preplanar straight. Moreover, depending on the specific runway and aircraft, it is possible to perform an automatic landing - this is when the aircraft performs the landing itself, and some aircraft are able to withstand the direction after landing! And weather conditions,

    Automatic landing aircraft

    In general, accurate landing approaches are quite boring ... Either keep the arrows in the center yourself, or trust them to withstand autopilot - be sure to get on the runway.

    With inaccurate entries, all the mountains are more interesting! And let, thanks to the genius of engineering, modern airplanes, in general, do not make much difference in which approach to perform - navigation systems allow you to determine your position in space with the accuracy inaccessible to our grandfathers *, other approach schemes look completely nontrivial against the direct Ilsovsky glidelines

    Take, for example, a call on a VOR radio beacon. If this beacon is located strictly in the landing runway, then there are no significant features — the plane descends on it along a radial that coincides in space with the extended runway axis.

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